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Pre Emergent Weed Control For A Beautiful Weed Free Yard

Friday, February 8th, 2019

Even in desert climates, weeds plague our lives. In Arizona, winter rains and monsoons lead to a considerable amount of weed growth both Fall and Spring. Because of this, it’s easy to spend hours hunched over, gloves on, while relentlessly pulling weeds only to wake up the next morning and see that you’ve missed more than a few. It becomes a weekly chore that never seems to accomplish anything, yet we trudge forward in hopes of a weed free yard.

Luckily, rather than spending your cherished Saturdays pulling weeds, there’s a better way to get the landscape that you love. Using pre emergent weed control methods, it’s easy to banish stubborn weeds and prevent overgrowth before the season starts. (more…)

When Is The Best Time To Get Rid Of Weeds?

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

The last two years have seen a massive increase in the amount of rainfall in the Desert Southwest. A quick drive around town, down the road to Sierra Vista, or even just around your neighborhood will likely confirm that weeds are growing like crazy, taking advantage of this abundance of rain. (more…)

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