Even in desert climates, weeds plague our lives. In Arizona, winter rains and monsoons lead to a considerable amount of weed growth both Fall and Spring. Because of this, it’s easy to spend hours hunched over, gloves on, while relentlessly pulling weeds only to wake up the next morning and see that you’ve missed more than a few. It becomes a weekly chore that never seems to accomplish anything, yet we trudge forward in hopes of a weed free yard.

Luckily, rather than spending your cherished Saturdays pulling weeds, there’s a better way to get the landscape that you love. Using pre emergent weed control methods, it’s easy to banish stubborn weeds and prevent overgrowth before the season starts.

What is pre emergent weed control and how is it used?

Pre emergent weed control is a classification of preventative herbicides aimed at destroying the integral growth systems of weeds. The chemical makeup targets roots and shunts growth before they take over your garden. In fact, pre emergent weed control treatments actually stop roots from forming in new weed plants, thus effectively blocking their frustratingly efficient speed of reproduction. Contrary to what you might think, pre emergent weed control doesn’t actually stop a weed’s germination, but without the formation of rooting and planting into the soil, a seedling is unable to feed, grow, and sprout. In other words, the weed is permanently destroyed from the inside out.

This means that with some upfront efforts, you’ll be able to avoid the process of pulling weeds.

Best time to apply pre emergent weed control in Arizona

Luckily, the process of applying pre emergent weed control is much easier than the process of weeding itself. There are two different methods of application: granular or liquid. Either way, you simply cover the area you want to prevent weed growth in, with the treatment and then add water to activate the ingredients. The water allows the treatment to effectively soak into your ground and cover all of the weed seeds that are waiting below the surface. In Arizona, the best times to apply a pre emergent weed treatment to your lawn is at the end of Fall prior to Winter Season weeds beginning their growth and in early Spring, when the temperatures start rising. The raising temperatures allow the pre emergent solution to soak into your ground and reach the seeds. Each treatment of pre emergent weed control can last up to several months, depending on the formula’s concentration and the thoroughness of your application.

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If monsoon season has been particularly wet in your region, or the temperature starts to change early, take notice. Weeds start growing under the perfect combination of water and warmth, so you may need to consider a third annual application of pre emergent solution earlier. It all depends on the weather, which we know can be unpredictable in the desert. With these treatments, it’s always better to apply it early just in case because once weeds have sprouted, pre emergent solutions won’t work. While Arizona maintains a desert climate for most of the year, weeds can still ruin a beautiful landscape. To take the first step towards creating your dream, weed-free yard, contact University Termite & Pest Control Inc today. We’re here to help with all of your weed control needs and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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