The last two years have seen a massive increase in the amount of rainfall in the Desert Southwest. A quick drive around town, down the road to Sierra Vista, or even just around your neighborhood will likely confirm that weeds are growing like crazy, taking advantage of this abundance of rain.

The trouble with this is we were used to a little rain here and there, a few weeds here and there, and maintenance was a quick squirt of something here and there to resolve it. But now… BOOM there are weeds everywhere, and they are big too! A little squirt of weed killer seems only to encourage them, and big squirt makes them wilt for a day, only to bounce back a few days later.

When people ask me when is the best time to start a new program, or when is the best time to kill their weeds, I always respond with, “now”. The reason for this is simple, weeds are always either germinating, growing, setting seed or starting to germinate again. No matter the time of year, there are weeds that thrive in that climate and they are doing their best to grow, spread and outcompete other plants for the same resources.

Professional weed control has the advantage over Do It Yourself (DIY) in several distinct arenas:

  • Product Selection – Did you know there are several different types of Roundup? Some of them are completely useless in controlling certain weeds. We know this and use the right product on the right kind of weeds at the right time of the year.
  • Application Timing – When trying to control weeds, whether that be for existing weeds or preventing them, timing is critical.  Applying products for weeds you see in your yard, when they are not actively growing is a waste of product. Placing a pre-emergent barrier when there will not be any rain, or failing to properly water it will be another waste of time.
  • Volume – Small hand sprayers cannot get enough product to the critical areas of large, actively growing weeds, and cannot apply pre-emergents in sufficient volume to prevent weeds from emerging months later.
  • Time – Someone else handling your weeds frees you up to do whatever you want, not what you have to do.

Waiting for just the right moment is not the way to get out in front of your weed issues. Acting now, regardless of whether there is a forest of weeds in your yard, or just a few stragglers, means the solution to your weed problem is in hand. University Termite and Pest Control technicians are thoroughly trained and educated when it comes to selecting just the right product or product combinations when it comes to eradicating weeds. Call us today. 

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