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Termites are a pest that many homeowners in Arizona have to deal with. They can be difficult to exterminate, and they often do not show any signs of infestation until it is too late. We will go over information on termite identification, must-know information, and treatment options so that you know what to do if your home becomes infested.

All You Need to Know About Termites

I never see termites, aren’t they rare here in Arizona?

While they are extremely small, they are also very destructive. Termites have a long life cycle and can do more damage to your home than many other pests in Arizona. They “swarm” in the spring and will make new and more colonies – this is typically when termites are noticed. During the spring, they emerge from the wood that makes up your home to make these new colonies, but the damage has already been done. It is believed that there is an average of three to five colonies of 100,000+ per acre of land.

How do I know if I have a termite infestation?

Termites are often misidentified as flying ants. [link https://entomology.ca.uky.edu/ef604 with identification] The two insects are very similar, but termites have longer wings and a thicker waist. Termite wings always move in the same direction and appear to be more uniform, whereas ants will fly erratically. Taking a close look at these pests will ensure that you are able to correctly detect them and understand that there is a much larger problem going on in your wood than you knew of. As soon as you see any, there is a problem that needs to be rectified.
Some common signs that you may have an infestation include noticing mud tubes coming out of your property or seeing winged insects flying around and entering through small cracks in windowsills. These bugs will either leave fecal droppings on exterior walls or across wood surfaces inside the home. You might also notice hollow areas in wooden beams within your house where there was once living material before it became eaten away by these tiny critters!

What will happen if I don’t call anyone to come to treat my home?

Termite damage is not usually noticed right away because it’s typically hidden deep under the surface where you can’t see it unless you’re really looking for them or know what signs to look out for. Termites live beneath your home and feed on its wood by breaking down cellulose with their powerful enzymes into sugars which they then consume as food. They eat along the grain of the wood and will small amounts of soil and if the colony is large enough, they will do this to your entire home. If they are left alone to continue their business, they can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Termite infestation is also something reported in an inspection of a home, and you will be unable to sell the property with them active in the wood.

How do I get rid of termites on my own?

The short answer is that you don’t. It is best practice to call a professional team to come and eradicate the property of these pests. Oftentimes, ridding your property of these pests requires much termiticide (this is a liquid pesticide specifically for termites) and can be used in quantities up to a hundred gallons. This termiticide will also need to be applied in very specific and hard-to-reach places if you don’t have the proper equipment. If not applied correctly, it may also fail to work properly. Without access to the pesticides that the professionals use, such as what we have at Horn Pest Management, it likely will not eliminate the termite colony that has taken residence in your walls.

When I call in a professional, what do they do to get rid of my termites?

Your professionals will use either liquid, bait, or a combination of the two to ensure that they are able to remove every termite from the colonies. The liquid pesticide will eliminate termites that cross it, and this is often placed in the soil to create a barrier. This will prevent the termites from accessing the dirt for moisture, but will also work to kill the termites that are in the building. Baits are ingested by the termites slowly decrease your termite infestation. When working with a property in the initial termite resolution, your Horn Pest Management team may supplement the termiticide with bait for effective termination.
One thing to note after a professional team has come to eliminate your termites is that the termiticides are labeled to last for up to 5 years, but any cosmetic changes that you make to your yard can alter the barrier that they have created.  Click here.

Are there multiple types of termites?

There are many types of termites, with the subterranean termite being the most common here in Arizona. These pests make mud tubes in order to reach your property, and once they get to their destination, are very efficient at destruction. There are also drywood termites and the biggest item to note is that they do not require as much moisture as your subterranean counterpart. Because of this, they are not as often seen in the spring when termites are known to “swarm”, and can be undetected within your walls for a more significant amount of time.
If you are concerned about a termite problem in your home, it is advised that you take action before it becomes more of a concerning issue. Click here [link https://hornpestmanagement.com/contact/] for a free inspection so we can ensure that your pests are eliminated as soon as possible.

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