4909983_f520So, let’s say your house was treated for termites before you moved into it, and you have a five-year warranty protecting you against termite damage. Some think that means termites can’t invade your property for five years. But the truth is there are several ways in which re-infestation can occur.


The chemicals used to kill termites, termiticides, last a minimum of five years and often last more than 20 years. Termiticides are injected into the ground to form chemical barriers between the home and the termite colony. Re-infestations occur when termites locate a break or gap in the barrier. These breaks and barriers can be caused a number of ways.

  • During the earlier treatment, chemical may have been concentrated in low or more porous areas in the soil.
  • Stones and other debris may have diverted chemical during application.
  • Construction activities, shifting water tables, leaching of chemical, soil compression and pest activity in the soil can cause breaches in the chemical barrier that can be utilized by foraging termites.


Once the break in the barrier is discovered by the termites, that opening can become an exploited highway for the colony, allowing them to spread throughout the home. That’s why it’s important to continue to have termite inspections to insure that your home and family are protected.


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