It may surprise you to learn that the deadliest creature in the world is a little, teeny-tiny mosquito! According to the World Health Organization mosquitos are responsible for several million deaths each year. Bill Gates released this interesting infographic of “World’s Deadliest Animals” with humans sadly being the second leading cause of death to the human race, but mosquitos still coming in at number one by a landslide!

What makes mosquitos so deadly? There are over 150 different types of mosquitos in the United States, with over 40 different types in Arizona alone. Besides mosquito bites being very uncomfortable, mosquitos are also carriers of many diseases, such as malaria, West Nile virus, elephantiasis, dengue fever, yellow fever, zika virus and many more.

Keep yourself mosquito bite and disease free with these tips:

  1. Check for stagnant water – this is how they breed! Especially in flower pots and other containers.
  2. Flush out birdbaths and fountains and change pet water bowls regularly.
  3. Dispose of old items in the backyard as these create a great breeding ground for mosquitos!
  4. Clean rain gutters out regularly so that water drains properly.
  5. Wading pools, kid toys and anything else that holds water needs to be emptied after each use and stored upside down or in a way that minimizes water collection.
  6. Check for leaky faucets, spigots or irrigation systems
  7. Use yellow bug lights, LED or sodium lights around doors and windows and outdoor fans.
  8. Use mosquito nets when traveling overseas.
  9. Use EPA approved mosquito repellants. See a full list here: (

We’ve designed a great infographic for you that gives you 9 tips to prevent mosquito bites. Feel free to print this out!

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