Spring is all around us to see. Bees are buzzing, baby quail are running about and the scent of flowers blooming is everywhere. Spring is here and along with all the new beginnings, we can also expect a bumper crop of insects and rodents to be making the desert, and sometimes our homes, theirs.

Six Most Common Pests To Watch Out For This Spring

  • Bees will be actively foraging for pollen, this means the flowering plants will be humming with their activity. Foraging bees are not looking to sting anybody. Swarming bees, on the other hand, are a real problem. Do not try to handle this yourself, call a professional. A small bee swarm can be a huge problem if they decide to attack you.
  • Wasps are making their return as well. Be aware that overhangs, infrequently used BBQ’s and evaporative coolers are great places for them to set up shop. Take care not to disturb a wasp nest. They can sting repeatedly and ruin your day.
  • Ants will be trailing everywhere. Sprays and powders are not good tools to address an ant problem. Many times they can make the problem worse.
  • Cockroaches will be making the valve boxes, leaf litter and debris around your house a place to reproduce in huge numbers. Keeping your yard tidy will minimize this risk. Again, be careful when making applications to resolve roach problems, solving one issue can give rise to another problem right on its heels.
  • Spiders will be spinning their webs and will be catching a ride on the breeze to get away from home. Make sure your screens are intact and not damaged, as these can give easy access into your home for little ones seeking a new home.
  • Rodents are getting into the swing as well. Take care to protect your automobiles and homes from rodents. Cacti too close to a home will provide housing and a great staging area for rodents seeking to line their nests with the wiring from your car, garage refrigerator or even your attic. Sealing the house and installing a preventative system to keep them from getting inside is a good idea for this time of year.

Make no mistake, we are not claiming that an insect horde is descending upon your home, but a problem with even one of the above suspects can leave you frustrated, nervous with no solution in sight.

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