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Tucson Weed Control Services

Weeds out of control? We put you back in control. 

Weed control with University Termite & Pest Control takes the hassle and time commitment out of keeping your yard weed free. We combine pre-emergent services that keep weeds from ever gaining a foothold in your yard with timely services to catch those stragglers that somehow pop up from time to time. You never need to worry about weeds again. Our trained technicians know the difference between a plant and a weed. This means we target the tumbleweeds and never the tulips.

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Weeds Out Of Control?

Weeds…for years, these pesky plants have been the bane of landscapers and meticulous homeowners alike.  They grow faster than you can pick, spread themselves far and wide, and have no boundaries about where they can and do grow. Let’s be honest; weeds are hard to contain! Let’s look at just what exactly weeds are and the most effective way to get rid of them.  At University Termite & Pest Control, we keep it simple and define a weed as any sort of plant growing somewhere you don’t want it to be growing.  This means that we understand and adapt to the fact weeds are not just limited to the Desert Broom in your alleyway or random sprigs of Bermuda grass growing throughout your decorative rock.

In addition to their unsightly appearance, weeds and other nuisance plant life play a much larger role in everything from harassment from homeowner associations to an outright fire hazard if left untreated and untouched. Today, more than ever, an effective weed control plan should be in place at your home and your place of business. Our experts at University offer a full range of services that affordably give you the flexibility to meet your specific needs while avoiding those inevitable and nasty HOA letters!

The simple yet daunting fact of weed control in the desert southwest is that plants in our environment have adapted to survive the heat and lack of water. Unfortunately, what allows these plants to thrive here are characteristics that make them very difficult for an average individual to eliminate.  Partnering with University gives you access to all the tricks, trade secrets, and environmentally friendly solutions to whatever kind of weed problem you may have. Over 47 years of experience is the foundation you can rely on to keep your yard and property weed-free and looking fabulous.

Proper weed control begins with applying a pre-emergent product to the soil.  This product, once applied, does just as the name implies. It will prevent seeds from germinating in the soil, arresting the developmental process of the plant.  If the seeds of the plant never germinate, you never have growth.  However, pre-emergent products are not one hundred percent effective, nor can they be relied upon to be a stand-alone in keeping all new weeds out of your yard.  One good breezy day can introduce thousands of new seeds to an area of just a few hundred square feet.

A pre-emergent will not control any weeds that are already growing and will not prevent seeds that have already germinated from sprouting. Other environmental factors affect the performance of a pre-emergent barrier as well.  Soil acidity, large amounts of rainfall, and even the physical disturbance of the pre-emergent barrier will all contribute to this product being less than 100% effective in preventing unwanted plant growth.  As often as this is the case, University also offers post-emergent weed control services.

Post-Emergent services involve applying products to any established, unwanted plant growth. Ideally, these applications are timed for when the plant is still very small, allowing our professional-grade products to arrest the plant’s growth and kill it, thereby stopping it from producing seeds. A fast-growing weed is capable of developing seeds to sow within just days of it germinating, which inevitably leads to more weeds. While post-emergent treatments are highly effective, there again are many factors that can negatively affect the ideal performance of any post-emergent products:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Size and type of plant being eradicated
  • Stage of growth of the plant.

University Termite and Pest Control technicians are thoroughly trained and educated when selecting just the right product or product combinations to eradicate weeds. Other factors that need to be integrated into your treatment plan are temperature, time of year, water consumption, and rates at which the plants themselves are growing. Each of these features is important and considered as your service technician evaluates the unique needs of your property before each, and every treatment begins.  This guarantees the right results the first time, every time.

Call University for a free, no-obligation inspection and evaluation of the weed control needs for your home or commercial property now!