Pest Control Seasonal Protocols

What are Seasonal Protocols and why are they so important to the service that University provides?

Simply put, Season Protocols recognize that as the weather varies, so does the variety of pests impacting your home, business and lifestyle. By consciously adjusting the focus of our services to prevent these specific pests, while still protecting you from others, we make sure that you live a pest free life.

We have six Seasonal Protocols, each created with the goal of providing timely effective services that prevent pests from interrupting your plans.


Termite Inspection Inside Your Home

Each time a University technician is at your property, one of the things they look for is termite activity, but most of the time this is only on the outside of your house. At this time of the year, we will take this time, if possible, to inspect interior areas of your home, especially those most vulnerable to termites.


Hidden Spaces

On this visit, special attention is given to storage areas, attached to your home or not. We also attempt to examine soffit access points and other common areas where pests may attempt to over-winter. Our goal is to make sure that when these areas are opened up in spring, there is not a pest population preparing to launch themselves into your living space at the same time.


Ant & Dooryard Pest Prevention

Spring is in full force and pests are trying to find ways into your home. On this visit, your technician will attack the source of these problems and apply a preventative barrier around the base of your home to keep these invaders at a distance. Although ants are the focus of this visit, we are also looking to prevent the growing cockroach, cricket, spider and earwig populations that accompany the warming weather.


Scorpion/Cockroach Baiting & Exclusion
In order to prevent cockroaches and scorpions from taking refuge in your home, your technician  will address minor cracks and gaps in the building. Potential pest reservoir sites are identified and addressed. Where possible, low impact baits are applied to keep pests satiated and away from your home.


Ant & Dooryard Pest Prevention Follow Up

See April/May. We will supplement any areas that may have proven persistent over the summer.


Rodent Inspection/Exclusion

We expect this time of year to see a big shift downward in temperature. As such, rodents will be seeking alternative housing to that which worked so well during the summer. Keeping the home properly sealed, and rodents away from the structure are critical steps to rodent control. Minor sealing and caulking is performed around the exterior of the house. If large scale work is anticipated, it will be communicated for approval prior to work being performed.