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Commercial Termite Solutions

Commercial Termite

Termites Eat at Your Bottom Line.

Termites can be devastating to your business property, reputation and profitability. That’s why companies across Arizona rely on University Termite and Pest Control, Inc. for Commercial Termite control and comprehensive protection.

Commercial Termite Solutions Tailored for YOUR business

Termite protected commercial Building

We’ll take care of them where they live with custom treatments. No matter what part of Arizona you’re in, our experienced technicians know  how to deal with the termite threat. We have the power to shut down both subterranean and drywood termite species and we target them even in hard-to-reach places behind concrete and asphalt.

Depending on the type of termite activity you have, we’ll customize a solution to your business and facility needs. We’ll get them out quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business.