Pest Control for Supermarkets

SupermarketsSupermarketsSupermarkets are one of the primary businesses consumers expect for cleanliness and safety. Unfortunately, just like in a restaurant, a single pest sighting in your favorite grocery store can drive down customers’ confidence in that entire store chain and the products they sell. Few things are more unsettling than bugs in our foodstuffs. University Termite & Pest Control provides the most current and comprehensive detailed programs to resolve any pest issues before they even begin.

University’s Pest Management Solutions are designed to give you, our valued customer, peace of mind regarding pest control. Our professionally trained technicians eliminate active infestations quickly, often within minutes of a treatment application, using the most innovative products, state-of-the-art equipment, and treatment methods. But we don’t stop there. We then implement comprehensive preventive maintenance programs to combat future pest issues you may face.

Importance of Pest Control at the Supermarkets

In the food industry, seeing pests activity on food retail business shelves seems like a natural outcome considering the number of food resources available for many pests and rodents. Therefore the food retailer is very vulnerable and requires extensive pest management for public health safety and the quality of products and services. The supermarket is one of the most important places to ensure that food pest management is up to scratch for both the health of customers and the reputation of the business.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Pests in supermarkets can easily result in contaminated food products which can cause severe illness or disease to customers, including young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.
  • Pest droppings and urine can also contaminate surfaces and equipment, creating an unsanitary environment and posing a slip hazard to employees and customers alike.
  • Pests can damage packaging and product containers, resulting in financial losses for the business. In addition, customers who see evidence of pests in your supermarket are likely to lose confidence in your business and take their shopping elsewhere.

We recommend it is essential to implement a comprehensive food pest management system to protect your business from the dangers of pests. This system should include regular inspections of premises and products and prompt and effective treatments when infestations are found.

University Termite & Pest Control has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who can provide your supermarket with comprehensive food pest management services. We understand the unique challenges supermarkets face when it comes to pest control, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome them.

Common supermarket pests

Pests in the agriculture industry can cause severe economic losses due to their potential to spread diseases. Almost all pest types contain several pathogens that may cause food to get into consumers’ hands. Contaminated merchandise may result in recalls, outbreaks of illness, loss of reputation penalties, and closure depending on the severity of the situation. Therefore, the need to prevent all incidents related to pests must be maintained as quickly as possible when identified. The following are the most common supermarket pests.


Flies are one of the most persistent and troublesome pests in any food handling environment. They can carry over 100 different kinds of disease-causing microorganisms that can be easily transferred to humans through their feeding and breeding habits. In addition to spreading diseases, flies are also a significant nuisance due to their constant buzzing sound and attraction to food waste.


Cockroaches are another type of pest that is commonly found in supermarkets. They can contaminate food with their saliva and feces and shed skin, leading to the spread of diseases like salmonella and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches are also known to trigger asthma attacks in people who are allergic to them.


Ants are another common pests that can be found in supermarkets. They are attracted to sugary and greasy foods, which they will take back to their nests. If ants get into packaged or sealed food, they can contaminate it with their saliva and feces, which can cause food poisoning.


Rodents like rats and mice are also common supermarket pests. Mice and rats can contaminate food with their urine and feces, spreading diseases like salmonella and hantavirus. Rodents are also known to gnaw on electrical wires, which can cause fires.

Where can you find pests in grocery stores?

Pests and insects can be found anywhere in a grocery store, from parking to the shelves. Insects, rodents, and pests often find their way through entry points. The most access points that give easy access into the store are windows, doors, and small cracks.

They are often attracted to food sources, such as spilled food or crumbs, and places where there is water or moisture. Pests can also hide in stored products, trash areas, display cases, or food containers and even infest the store itself.

How Can Supermarkets Prevent Pests and Rodents?

There are a few key ways food retail businesses deal with pests and rodents. First, they work to keep the store clean and free of food debris. This approach means maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. Ensuring food preparation areas, drink dispensers, and food containers are kept clean and keeping utensils washed will go a long way in preventing pest problems. It also means making sure food prep areas have fresh produce and that unsealed food is kept minimum.

Second, they use pest control products like traps and bait stations to help reduce the number of pests in the store. Finally, they work with a pest control company to create a comprehensive plan that includes regular inspections and treatments. By taking these steps, supermarkets can ensure that their stores are safe and clean for customers. When grocery stores and supermarkets don’t take the proper pest prevention precautions, a pest infestation is likely to occur.

What Sets Us Apart?

When it comes to supermarkets, you may ask, what makes University Termite & Pest Control so different? At University, we include you, the client, in the design process. We believe in education; after all, an informed consumer is a practical consumer. Therefore, we take the time to analyze product flow and sanitation protocols, allowing us to assist you in providing the cleanest and freshest food items to your customers.

As a responsible client and consumer yourself, you need to be aware of any risk potential pest populations pose and how to minimize those risks. It may be as simple as making a small physical change within the facility. Our specially trained technicians look for and identify the ways and means by which pests may enter any facility. This identification process allows us to share with you, our client, the best pest management solutions.

How We Stay Up To Date

Continuing along the lines of communication, our logbook tracking system encourages accountability in record keeping and communicating the details of our service. There is no need to wonder what was done by whom or when. These logbooks also contain SDS and Label information on all products used at your facility. This detailed recording means you never have to worry about government compliance issues when University Termite and Pest Control is your primary pest provider.

Our Key To Success

The key to successful pest management within any Supermarket is a five-fold combination of evaluation, planning, execution, and communication. What makes University Termite & Pest Control different than all other pest control companies is our extra step, precise and calculated follow-up. University has been practicing this formula for over 40 years. Our professionals expertly interpret the challenges unique to your situation and customize your treatment protocols while maintaining our focus solely on achieving a pest-free environment for you and your business.

When you call University, the blueprint for success is already in place:

  • Evaluation: What are the specific challenges at your individual property or properties?
  • Planning: We ensure that our team arrives prepared to resolve and prevent any pest activity at your institution.
  • Execution: We perform your service precisely as devised, ensuring that customers and employees are not affected by the products we use.
  • Communication: We record everything, from start to finish, from the time to the products, even weather conditions that may impact pest activity. This information is made available to you both in written form at the service and online.
  • Follow Up: We return at regular intervals to guarantee our plan is working.

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