Pest Control Tucson

Tucson Pest Control

Tucson is where we started. In 1974 we began providing pest control to the Old Pueblo. What was once a simple plan of serving the University of Arizona neighborhoods with pest control services, has blossomed into a statewide venture. Our family has been in Arizona prior to the Civil War. We know Arizona like no other company, and the services we deliver back that up. We take pride in creating solutions that are specific to the pest control needs of the entire Tucson metropolitan area.

To make sure only the best most qualified and responsible people are on our team, we perform background testing. We also test each and every one for substance abuse to guarantee we keep our promises. Your home is the one place in this world you should always feel safe, we take the extra step to make that possible.

Call University Termite & Pest Control today and we will rush one of our team members right over to your house or business and get to work on a solution designed just for you.

Tucson Termite Control

Tucson Termite Control

Termites thrive in Southeastern Arizona, especially in Tucson and Pima County. Because we have been providing termite control in Tucson since 1974, we are well versed in how to treat termites right the first time.  We understand that the unique microclimates in and around Tucson create opportunities for both Subterranean and Drywood termite species.

This means the company you deal with needs to have the experience to tell the difference between the two.

Subterranean Termites require treatment to the soil around your home and to affected areas inside the house. But these treatments, while very effective for the subterranean termites, are not a proper solution to Drywood Termites and a misdiagnosed termite species could result in a false sense of security, wasted money, and the necessity of the proper fumigation treatment for the Drywood Termite.

We provide a complete set of termite monitoring services, real estate inspections, and pre-construction treatments for everything from a small housing subdivision to a large custom commercial building. When Termite Control is part of your name, you had better be good at it…we are.

Tucson Weed Control

Tucson Weed Control

Why do people have such a hard time controlling their weeds in Tucson?  Simply put, the weeds that thrive in the desert are also designed to survive the harshness of the desert. They spread ruthlessly and sprout with little to no water. They love the dry, hot climate and have developed the defenses to cope with it. A little weed spray is never going to conquer these monsters. It is easy for a few weeds to multiply to hundreds unless you are constantly vigilant.

The other challenge to weed control is equipment. Few homeowners have the large volume sprayers needed to get product down that prevents weeds from starting their growth. While it may be nice to hope that the rain is going to arrive, you just need something that will “drive” that product into the ground, get into the growing zone and stop those weeds from making their way to the surface.

University Termite & Pest Control, Inc. provides weed control solutions for both the weeds that have not come up yet, those that are already growing in your yard, and combinations of these two products that ensure a weed-free experience year-round. We know that the first step in an effective weed control solution is to stop new weeds from ever entering the picture. We offer pre-emergent solutions that are timely and keep weeds from germinating below the soil, emerging into the nightmares they can become. Any weeds that manage to poke through the surface are quickly dispatched with our regular visits. These visits are a visual inspection and treatment of your entire yard for any unwanted plants trying to make your yard theirs. Our technicians are trained to understand the difference between what is a “weed” and what is a plant growing on purpose in your yard…no room for error.