The Woes of the Monsoon in Tucson, Arizona

While the onset of the monsoon brings cooler temperatures during the hot summer season, it also marks the arrival of unwelcome pests in your home. Although the cool temperatures are a great relief in Arizona, you should be prepared to deal with the risk of a scorpion infestation in your home. Monsoon conditions favor the proliferation of various pests, but scorpions are among the fiercest offenders. The humidity of the torrential rainfall during the season seems to fuel them into a frenzy of activity. They not only reproduce rapidly, but also make your home their new shelter as a shield from the severity of the weather conditions.

How the Weather Acts as a Catalyst in the Proliferation of Scorpions During the Monsoon Season

The moisture from the relatively cool temperatures of the monsoon provides scorpions with a favorable ground for them to proliferate. Being a resident of Tucson, Arizona, tasks you with the duty of taking pest control by the horns. However, you do not have to go alone: A professional pest control service can prevent the intrusion of your home by scorpions.

Typically, the characteristic winds of the monsoon season cause the destruction of the habitats of scorpions and force them to look for shelter. The most likely hideout for scorpions in your home includes the garden shed, basement and garage. The severe storms of the monsoon season can blow swarms of scorpions into your backyard and give them an easy entry into your house. Scorpions are also fond of debris swept by storms.

The presence of scorpions in your home spells trouble for you and your family since you are at a risk of sustaining painful and injurious stings. While you cannot control the weather, seeking a professional pest control program will keep you free from the trouble of a scorpion infestation.

Prevention and Control of a Scorpion Infestation

Despite your personal efforts to keep your home pest-free, the unpredictable weather of the monsoon can still bring scorpions into your home. An effective, systematic pest control program will keep these intruders at bay. By hiring a professional service, you can have the peace of mind that all the possible entry points which scorpions might exploit are sealed. You can also rest assured that your family is safe from the potentially painful stings of scorpions.

At University Termite & Pest Control, we employ an all-inclusive approach to clear the vegetation and debris around your house, basement, and storage spaces. Our team also keeps your home’s foundation treated with pest barriers and repellants. While other pest management companies may charge you a fortune for a one-time pest control application, our pest control service is reasonably priced and provides comprehensive coverage. You will find our strategy to be an effective, efficient approach to protecting your home from a scorpion infestation and keeping it the safe, pest-free haven that it should be.

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