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As monsoon season begins in southern Arizona, it’s time once again to think about protecting yourself and your family from the threat of the transmission of common. diseases like the West Nile virus which infects thousands each year.

Monsoons are a huge factor, as their rains bring the mosquitoes, which bring West Nile

Here are four tips from University Termite and Pest Control to help keep you and those you love safe.



  1. No one wants to wear long sleeves and pants in the scorching heat of the Arizona summers, but they can protect you from mosquitoes.
  2. Use insect repellant containing DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus while outdoors.
  3. Survey your property for areas that may attract mosquitoes. After a rain, pour out standing water.
  4. Check window screens and doors and make repairs to what might be even the smallest of entry points for pests.


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