Construction codes have changed over the years and many of the water pipes that used to run underneath your concrete slabs are now routed up through your walls and into your attic. So instead of ripping apart walls and floors and destroying tile, plumbers can access most leaks via your attic, and so can pack rats and other rodents.

The very pipes that used to run subterranean are now right in the pack rat’s sights. When it comes to grabbing an early morning sip, or a cool nightcap, pack rats are figuring out that these pipes are an easy way to get a drink of water at your expense.

We can tell that the weather is changing when the subject of our phone calls change from scorpions and termites to pack rats and floods. Pack rats will take up refuge in your attic as they seek to escape the cooler temperatures outside. Sometimes they are able to do this quietly and establish quite a mess prior to being discovered. They will import cactus, dog food, seed pods and numerous other little items into the attic to help establish their new domain.

The attic pipes are an all too easy target for a pack rat to access water. If you are lucky, they will chew through a significant portion of the line, the leak will be obvious and you can quickly get it fixed. More worrisome is the slow leak. This can go undetected for weeks, slowly soaking from the attic down, causing widespread damage that suddenly collapses down, but has been weakening for weeks.

Whether you have just suffered through an incident like this, or want to make sure your holiday season is not complicated by anything similar to this, University Termite & Pest Control  is standing by to evaluate and fix the issues that might be allowing pack rats to linger around your home.

As for me, I can see, that everyone should be, pack fat free…Call University!

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