Officially, winter started on December 21st, but it was not until recently that it began to sink in that cooler weather is really here. We get calls all year, but especially this time of year, about all sorts of things crawling around people’s houses, when nothing should be moving, not even a mouse.

It usually comes down to basic accounting practices when you really think about it. It is all about what is going in and what is being left out.

Let me explain:

Be careful what you are bringing into the house. New plants, presents, decorations, toys, new furniture – all can be transporting hitchhikers. A couch picked up at a garage sale can bring mice into your home. A new plant can bring gnats and clouds of other insects swirling around your living room. Decorations brought out of storage may have had unwanted guests move in over the last ten months.

You also need to consider what you are letting into your house. Pet doors are a great convenience, but are notorious for allowing rats, scorpions and other incests to run amok in your home. Seal these doors at night to prevent this from happening.

Now the other side of the equation: What is being left out? Are you in the habit of filling the dog dish on the patio and letting it sit out all day? What about storing potatoes, bread, chips, etc in the garage? I know this is not technically outside, but rodents and ants can easily negotiate a garage door and raid these caches of snacks. I have even seen rats chew through a solid deodorant stick, just because it was there.

The long and short of it is this, watch what you bring in, be careful with what you leave out and everything should be just fine. However, if you find yourself leaving the wrong thing out, or have let something overwhelming in, give University Termite & Pest Control a call.

Everyone should be pest free….Call University.

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