My wife and I went shopping the other day in our pre-holiday routine. For once we are getting a head start on our Thanksgiving dinner shopping list. For once we are going to avoid having to run to the store on Thursday morning to pick up the last minute bag of potatoes, butter or whatever. My guess is we are just fooling ourselves, and I will still make that dash for celery… I know how this goes!

We ran into the same problem that we do every year, and that is space. Where do you keep ten pounds of potatoes, three large sweet potatoes, four bags of dried stuffing (we really like stuffing) and the plethora of other ingredients that do not have to be kept in the refrigerator?

One suggestion was to store the groceries in the garage since the weather has cooled off.  However, we don’t recommend leaving your food, or for that matter your dog’s food, out and accessible in the garage, unless you plan on feeding a whole lot of pack rats. Pack rats are getting desperate right now. These little guys are out in numbers searching for new, preferably heated homes.
Keeping your groceries, for the holidays or otherwise, in the garage is a bad idea. Pack rats can smell this food and will aggressively seek it out. Once there they will look how to make this home, and new food pantry, theirs. Trust me, you don’t want that.

If you do have to store food in the garage, use heavy duty plastic bins with lids. This will prevent easy access and minimize the smell of the goodies in your garage.

We love to have our family and friends over for Thanksgiving. We try not to extend the same welcome to rodents around our home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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