No doubt you’ve opened your windows and doors to allow the fresh air in and save some money on your air conditioning bill, unknowingly you may have signaled “open house” to houseflies near and far. In addition to being a major nuisance, they carry more than 100 different germs that can cause disease.


You can take some of the following necessary precautions to keep your family safe.


  • Screen windows and doors to prevent entry.
  • Repair rips or tears in screens right away.
  • Keep countertops clean and clear of liquid.
  • Empty your trash frequently.
  • Wipe down trashcans with disinfectants, as well as in and around them.
  • Keep trash containers sealed.
  • If you have pets in and near the home, scoop the poop daily from the yard and surrounding areas.


If you find your unwelcomed houseguest intends on an extended stay contact us and let us help you with our housefly problem.

Information from: Pest World

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