The other day, the light on my dash came on indicating that my washer fluid level was low. When I got home I poured some solution in the reservoir under my hood, and watched as it leaked out from the reservoir, out from under my truck, and onto my driveway. As it turns out, the fluid was low because the reservoir had cracked.

What did I do? I picked up my phone, went right to YouTube and looked up a video on exactly how to change the washer system’s reservoir. It took me about fifteen minutes to find a video in english, for the correct make and model of my truck, with the correct volume and with a narrator I could decipher through a southern accent. He explained in forty-two steps how I could remove the reservoir after removing the battery, the tray beneath it, going through the wheel well to access a few additional bolts, and so forth. He finished the work in approximately seventeen minutes.

Knowing my level of automobile repair prowess, I immediately decided to leave this task to the experts. So how does this relate to pest control?

Most people do not own the correct tools to apply pest control products around their homes. It’s not just finding the right product designed, but also the right formulation and proper application technique. Mixing these products is tricky – too little and you won’t get any results, too much and you are not only wasting the product, but also putting yourself and others at risk. These are poisons after all.

There is a simple solution however, call University Termite & Pest Control. We will come out and solve your pest problem the first time, every time.

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