Crickets are versatile and may feed on dog food, fruit, nuts, cereal, glue, paper or even dead insects. They like cracks, crevices and clutter and can be found in cracks in the pavement, meter boxes, attics or anywhere in between. Once they establish in a home, they can build large populations quickly. A garage cluttered with cardboard boxes can support a huge number of crickets. In nature, they serve as food for lizards, spiders and scorpions, attracting these animals to the home. Any control program for spiders and scorpions must first concentrate on eliminating crickets.

Controlling moisture, clutter, leaf litter and food sources are key to eliminating crickets. Ensuring that doors seal tight and that cracks are repaired is also important in stopping cricket infestations. Weeds around the home should be eliminated, and shrubs should be trimmed to raise the crowns so that branches do not lie on the ground. Dead cacti need to be cleaned up to eliminate cricket harborage. Your professional pest control technician is trained in the habits of crickets and has the materials necessary to get rid of this persistent annoying pest.

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