Many of us are familiar with pack rats and the havoc they can inflict on our homes, automobiles and just about anything stored. However, they have a partner in crime that is equally troublesome, but gets a lot less press.

Conenose bugs, or kissing bugs, are often found cohabiting with pack rats. They will take a blood meal from the rats every so often, and they get a stable source of food that always comes back home. They have formed a sympathetic relationship, in that the rats are neither allergic to, nor seem to be bothered by them.

The real issue with these conenose bugs is that they can more likely cause a severe reaction in a human who has been bit, and they can have an anaphylactic episode. Severe swelling, problems breathing, etc. It is critical to not let these critters hang around the house under any circumstances.

So where would you find conenose bugs in your house? In dark areas, cracks and crevices, generally, places where anything that could either eat them or crush them has little access. A combination of good maintenance on your home (seal those cracks…if you can see daylight from the inside, bugs can easily make your home theirs) and a consistent and detail oriented pest management program, issues with these nasty guys can be kept to a minimum.

If you are thinking that it’s time to be kissing bug free, call University Termite & Pest Control.

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