Of all the possible pests that may find their way into your Arizona home, cockroaches may be the most unwelcome. These revolting guests misbehave in a variety of ways: making messes, contaminating food, and despoiling your floor with their droppings and shedding of their skin. Many cockroach species are to be found in Arizona, and today we are taking a look at some of the more common ones you are likely to find crawling around your home.

German Cockroach

These may be the most persistent pests of all. You can recognize German cockroaches by their light brown color and a pair of distinctive vertical stripes. They are considered a serious problem because they transmit disease more effectively than other species. They have adapted to be able to eat a wide variety of household products and may even be found snacking on soap or toothpaste in your bathroom.

The most effective method of controlling these roaches is sanitation; cleaning floors and disposing of cardboard or other boxes can deprive them of shelter. If an infestation is in full swing, it can require a number of very aggressive pest control methods to resolve.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach is also commonly known as the sewer roach. They will most commonly be encountered in the bathroom as they access homes through pipes and drains. Their reddish-brown coloring and the light yellow band on their heads may make them somewhat easier to detect than other species. They are well adapted to thriving in homes and prefer very hot, moist environments.

When they are reproducing they may swarm in crawl spaces or inside cabinets under sinks. Preventing their infestations may require sealing cracks with silica gel. It is also advisable to plug sink drains when the sinks are not in use.

Treatment Options for Roach Infestations

While there are many preventive measures that can be taken to protect your home from roach infestations, once you have noticed signs of an infestation you may need to take further actions. Cockroach infestations can be persistent and of long duration.

Applying boric acid powder to surfaces that the roaches frequent is a popular method, but is not recommended if you have pets. Boric acid alone is not an effective method of roach control. Gel bait stations (colloquially called roach motels) can be an effective trap that the roaches will be attracted to and unable to escape. Other commercial traps contain a poison that the roaches will carry back and spread to other roaches. Similar results may be realized by applying glue strips designed to capture roaches in high traffic areas. In cases of a serious infestation, a full fumigation of the premises may be necessary.

If all of these measures don’t show results, you can always call for professional help. Protecting your home from cockroach infestations can be hard work, but it may be easier than you think with a little help from the professionals. Contact University Termite and Pest Control today!

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