We get phone calls from people all the time who say, “I have tried three different sprays, I have bombed my apartment, thrown out my mattress, I have tried everything, but I still have bed bugs”.

Bed bugs are one of the most confounding pests that we have to deal with. They are frustratingly small, reproduce rapidly and despite their name, they don’t just live on beds. Many of the products that claim to provide you with instant relief from bed bugs work for only a short amount of time, or, in some cases, not at all.

One laboratory test on bed bug bombs available to homeowners, determined that the bombs might kill exposed bed bugs (about 20% were dead after treatment), but further testing showed that bed bugs not exposed directly to the bomb were not affected at all by the product.

The real problem is that bed bugs require a “toolbox” approach to get successful control. You need to rely on a series of different approaches, each requiring expert knowledge and in depth attention to detail. Bed bugs can live 40-60 feet from where they are biting a person. They can go a long time without any food at all, only to surge in numbers weeks or months later. All it takes is a few of the almost invisible eggs to be left behind.

Bed bugs will live in small cracks, window blinds, the tack strip of the carpet or in the joints of pieces of furniture. Because bed bugs are so insidious you really need a professional to get control of your bed bugs. Anyone can kill a spider, it takes an expert to get rid bed bugs once and for all. Call University Termite and Pest Control today!

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