Bedbugs have been around for centuries, and despite modern advancements in pest control, they continue to plague homeowners and businesses worldwide. As experts in bedbug prevention, University Termite & Pest Control has years of experience identifying, treating, and preventing bedbug infestations. This article will explore bedbugs’ history, travel patterns, and effective prevention and control methods.

The History of Bedbugs

People have known about bedbugs since ancient times, with records dating back to Ancient Egypt. Archaeological evidence also shows that bedbugs were present in the ruins of Pompeii, an Italian city destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD. Furniture in ancient Greek and Roman homes contained bedbugs, indicating that these pests have existed for thousands of years. Historical documents from 16th-century England describe bedbugs as being common domestic pests.

By the 19th century, bedbugs had spread throughout North America and Europe. They became increasingly common in urban areas due to increased population density and international travel made possible by the industrial revolution. Bedbug infestations were so severe that some cities created special sanitation departments to deal with them during this time. By the early 20th century, DDT had become widely available as an insecticide which helped reduce their numbers significantly but did not eliminate them.

Today, bedbugs are still a problem in many parts of the world. However, people can reduce their numbers by vacuuming and laundering linens and clothing at high temperatures. While chemical treatments are sometimes necessary if an infestation is severe, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with these annoying pests!

Travel Patterns and Bedbugs

Bedbugs are insects that can travel from place to place, hitching a ride on people’s belongings and clothing. As travelers move from one destination to another, bedbugs can be easily transported in suitcases and other luggage items, leading to an increased spread of the pest. Therefore, it’s essential to comprehend the trends of bedbug infestations to take preventative measures against them.

One way bedbugs spread is through human contact. People who stay in hotels or other places with high traffic are at risk of spreading bedbugs if they contact an infected person or object. In addition, bedbugs can attach their eggs to clothes or belongings, which can survive long journeys and hatch at their destination. Therefore, regularly checking for signs of bedbug infestation in hotels is essential for travelers as this allows them to avoid bringing any bugs back home after their trip ends.

Bedbug Prevention: Call University Termite and Pest Control

At University Termite & Pest Control, we take pride in providing safe solutions to all your pest problems at an affordable price. Our professionals have years of experience identifying, treating, and preventing bedbugs from infesting your home or business. We use state-of-the-art methods and products to ensure the highest quality of practical and environmentally responsible pest control services.

Our trained technicians understand the most effective ways of eliminating bedbugs from any environment quickly and safely. In addition, we specialize in monitoring potential bedbug infestations with our integrated pest management system (IPM). This system combines chemical, physical, cultural, biological, mechanical, and educational tools to identify areas where bedbugs may be present before an infestation occurs.

Additionally, we offer preventative treatments that can help protect against future infestations by creating a protective barrier around your home or business from unwanted pests such as bedbugs. Finally, we guarantee satisfaction with every call you make to us for your pest control needs!

People can manage bedbugs effectively using proper prevention and control methods. It is essential to take proactive measures, especially for those who travel frequently or live in high-density areas. By partnering with University Termite & Pest Control, you can rest assured that our professionals will provide top-quality bedbug prevention and control services that meet your needs.

Refrain from letting bedbugs take over your home or business. Call University Termite & Pest Control today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and experience the peace of mind of knowing your property is free from bedbugs!

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