brown_spiderSomeone recently posted on our Facebook page asking if a spider they found in their bathroom was a Brown Recluse. The Arizona Brown Spider is most often mistaken for the Brown Recluse. Both spiders are in the same family, but the Brown Recluse is not naturally found in Arizona. (It is possible they hijacked a ride to Arizona since this particular family moved to Arizona from Texas.)

Arizona Brown Spiders are slightly smaller with a less toxic dosage of venom, composed primarily of a potent digestive enzyme. The bite can result in a gaping crater like wound that continues to grow and refuses to heal. If immediate medical attention and anti-venom is not administered, the only effective treatment is to excise the skin around the wound or amputate the afflicted appendage. The result is permanent disfigurement and often a series of secondary infections. Bites to the face or to sick, injured, older or extremely young people have resulted in death.

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A hunting spider, Arizona Brown Spiders do not build webs, but can be found running on and around the exterior of homes. Brown spiders are identified by their brown color, long legs and a violin shaped pattern on their back. They are attracted to homes by clutter and the availability of insects close to the home to feed on.

A good, comprehensive pest control program will manage both spiders and the insects they feed on. Your pest control professional can advise you on additional steps you may take to keep you and your family safe from dangerous spiders.

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