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Pet-Friendly Pest Control Treatment

July 12th, 2019

The importance of adopting pet-friendly pest control treatment

Are you a pet owner? If yes, are you wondering how to eliminate pests without placing your pet in harms’ way? If you do, then you are in the right place. Owning a pet is one positive step towards making life more bearable. On the other hands, pests only come to cause harm, destruction, and discomfort. Therefore, if you are a pet owner, you should strive to keep your pet safe even as you eliminate pests. To ensure that your pets remain safe throughout the pest elimination period, you should consider adopting pest control approaches that do not expose your beloved pet to any risk. To achieve this, you ought to enlist the services of a reputable pest control company who will craft a reasonable approach. On this post, we will provide a detailed guide that offers relevant information on our pet-friendly pest control approach.



About our pet-friendly pest control program

When it comes to creating pest control programs, there are three key factors that we must put into consideration. These factors are the home environment, the pets, and the health of your loved ones. Our programs are designed to be applied around mammals, which are the most common pets. However, those who keep non-mammal pets are also covered. We design pest control programs that are compatible with the non-mammal environment. Technically, the type of pest you follow will not limit us from getting the job done. Our experience will come in handy towards creating an enabling environment for your pet as we conduct the pest control treatment.

Below are factors we consider for different types of pests

  • For pets that graze on grass and leaves such as tortoises and rabbits, we will ensure that we do not treat the vegetation. Alternatively, you may decide to fence off their living area to ensure their shelter does not come into contact with the pest treatment.
  • Birds like chicken are predators; thus, they help eliminate some pests. However, those pests that chicken cannot feed on are eliminated through our pest control treatment. We will only focus on areas and pests that your chicken won’t feed on.
  • Pets such as exotic birds, fish, and reptiles that are kept indoors are not under threat of being affected by the treatment. However, precautionary measures will be taken if treatment is required indoors. We ask the property owner to cover the indoor pet’s shelter with a cloth until the pest control treatment has dried. Fortunately, our products take 15 minutes or less to dry up.

What makes pet-friendly pest control treatment unique?

To achieve a pet-friendly pest control program, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM)approach is required. An IPM improves pest eradication by focusing on their food, hiding areas, and destabilizing any conditions that may support the growth and development of pests. Before we apply any products to eliminate the pests, we will first make recommendations that enable the client to create an environment where pests cannot breed.

Apart from applying products to eliminate the pests, there are various physical approaches that we adopt in our treatment programs. The sensible methods are non-toxic, and they include: glue boards, snap traps, and rodent catch stations. These natural approaches are quite useful and if properly used, they pose no threat to your kids or pets. As we advance, we strive to continue to creating physical treatment programs that generate instant results just like their organic based counterparts.

Proper use of pest control materials is influenced by the amount you use and how you use it. Unlike chemical-intensive products that accumulate, most of the products we use are made from organic compounds; thus, they are bound to break down as time goes by. Also, most of the products we use have a toxic level that is lower compared to that of common table salt. This means that in no way will our products pose any threat to your kids, pets, or environment.

Most customers who reach out to us are usually worried about the safety of their dogs and cats, which is threatened by rodents. To deal with rodents, we use a bait that contains vitamin D that effectively eliminates the rodents while posing no threat to the safety and wellbeing of other mammals. In case your dog, cat, or bird plays with the rodent, the effects of the bait will not affect your pet.

How to enhance the safety of pets before, during and after the pest control exercise.

Generally, the type of pet and treatment used determines the safety of your pet. A general rule we adopt is that you should keep the pets away from the treatment area until the product has completely dried. Moreover, we ensure that we consult with you before we apply the physical approach. This is in a bid to ensure any concerns about the safety of your pet are addressed.

How to ensure your pet does not interfere with the treatment.

Pets are very playful and thus are bound to go and play where the treatment has been applied. And since you want your pet to stay happy, you should be vigilant to ensure that the pest control products do not affect them in any way. To ensure the pet does not sabotage the treatment, consider the following.

  • Discourage digging.

Dogs love digging and, in the process, they may displace or bury the products that eliminate the pests. This provides a perfect gateway, especially for termites, to enter your property. To ensure your dog does not dig, consider taking going for a walk to ensure they are not within the home environment.

  • Understand where the glue traps have been placed.

In most cases, glue traps are placed under or behind furniture, appliances, and doorways. The curiosity of some pets such as cats may force them to step on these traps and cause them to collapse. Although your pet won’t be in any danger, they will have sabotaged your chances of capturing the targeted pests thus causing you a persistent problem.

  • Watch out for constant chewing.

The rodent baits and snap traps are usually adequately secured to ensure your kid or pet do not access them. However, this does not mean that they are unreachable. Some pets such as large dogs can easily break open the station and chew the baits. Although there is no cause for alarm in case of such an incident, this will derail the process of eliminating the pests. Be sure to share your concerns with our technicians so that they can design a station that your dog cannot break open or come up with another effective treatment plan.

What if your pets are the pest carriers?

There is a huge possibility that your pets are responsible for the influx of pests in your home. And since you won’t eliminate your beloved pet, you need to find solutions to ensure pests no longer lodge themselves on your pet. Pets like flea and ticks hitchhike on pets like dogs and cats. This calls for you to clean your pet using flea or tick shampoo regularly. Also, if your pets are tick or flea infested, ensure that you see a veterinary officer in case you have any health or safety concerns.

Remember, pests that are introduced in your home by pets often hide in areas where you have not taken any preventative measures. Therefore, ensure that you conduct thorough cleaning on those areas like beds and couches. Moreover, they also apply pest treatment products on tight areas like cracks and crevices where the pests might seek refuge.

Treating your pet after contact with treatment products

Accidents are an inevitable aspect of life, and you should always be prepared for them. Even as we strive to create an enabling environment for your pet not to be affected by our pest control products, there are instances where the pet might unwittingly come into contact with the chemical products. Although the chemical concentration in most of our products is very minimal, this does not necessarily mean that your pet is fully secure. If your pet accidentally comes into contact with the products do the following. In the case of Swallowing chemical-based products, ensure your pet takes loads of water to ensure the chemical does not harm their digestive system.

On the other hand, if the chemicals reach the eyes, they can cause blindness. Therefore, wash your pet’s eyes with lots of water. Ultimately, you should visit a veterinarian to ensure proper medical procedures are accorded your pet.

Eliminating pests from your home is just as important as safeguarding your pets. The pest control program that you adopt will determine the safety of your pets. To enjoy a pet-friendly pest control exercise, you should ensure that you only settle for a proficient pest control service provider. Our services will come in handy towards ensuring you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pets are safe during a pest control exercise. To enlist our services, reach out to us, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

What It Takes To Find The Best Pest Control Company

July 5th, 2019

The fact that pests are persistent and difficult to eliminate makes them a thorn in the flesh for most homeowners. Pests have become stronger; thus, over-the-counter pesticides do very little to eliminate them. For that reason, you should strongly consider enlisting the services of a professional pest control company.

There are numerous pest control companies, but they all offer different experiences. Owing to the significant number of companies, finding the most ideal can prove to be an uphill task. Each company has its own approach when it comes to pest control. On this post, we will provide a detailed overview of what it takes to find reliable pest control services.

Choosing a pest control approach

There are two main approaches when it comes to pest control. The chemical based and bait/physical approach. A myriad of factors will determine the type of pest control approach. When choosing a pest control approach, you should understand the impact it will have on the environment. When you settle for a chemical based approach, you need to know the chemical levels of the product you are using. Some of these chemical based products will only cause you more harm than good by destroying the environment and making it inhabitable. However, the chemical approach is widely adopted courtesy of its immediate results and ability to eliminate pests in a wide area. The bait/physical approach is highly recommended due to its inability to destroy the environment. If physical methods are adopted, they have the potential to eliminate pests fully. Unfortunately, the physical approach is limited to indoor use and minimal infestations. On that note, below are ways to eliminate the common pest categories.

1. Understand your needs

Every homeowner has that specific pest menace that they are grappling with. Most of the calls we receive are usually from clients who want help to eliminate: general pests and termites. A myriad of factors influences the considerations you make. That said, be sure to stick around to learn the factors to consider each category.

A.) General Pest Control

This is arguably the highest sought-after service as it helps to eliminate a wide array of common pests. Among the pests that fall under the general pest control category include crickets, ants, scorpions, black widows, rodents, ticks, earwigs, ticks, etc. Before you decide on the type of treatment you want for your situation, there are several factors that you should consider. These factors will go a long way towards ensuring you find a service that perfectly meets your expectations and provides a long-lasting solution to your problem. The factors to consider are:

  • Amount of pressure

What amount of pressure are the pests causing you? What level of activity are you comfortable within the pest control process? Truthfully answering these questions will enable you to make an informed decision on the type of program that will yield the desired results. The pressure that comes with having unwanted pests around your property will determine the kind of approach you settle for.

  • Period of the program

There are various pest control programs. The decision you make will be informed by the number of pests infesting your property. However, the most recommended program is every other month program. This program is not capital intensive, and it guarantees results. On the other hand, if you experience a heavy pest infestation or you have zero tolerance for pests, you may consider the monthly service. This means that the pest control team will visit your property every month, whereas every other month program only requires the professional service when the need arises.

  • Adopt various pest control methods

If you are looking for the best long-term results in your quest to eliminate pests, you should consider applying different ways. This approach is referred to as Integrated Pest Management since it banks on different methods to achieve a reliable solution. Destroying the pest’s nests and breeding zones and ensuring that pests do not find their way to your property are among the efficient methods that can be used with pest control products to shutter pest activity completely. By adopting this multi-step approach, you can achieve better control that does not bank on use of products or chemicals to eliminate the pests.

B). Termite Control

Termites are undoubtedly some of the most annoying pests due to the damage they cause. When crafting your budget for termite control, you should consider various factors that will determine how much you pay for the whole exercise. The key factors to put into consideration are the amount of damage caused by the termites and the size of the infested area. Most cases call for liquid termite treatment compared to the bait treatment. When seeking pest control services, the company should provide the following.

  • The company’s license number and that of the employee performing the exercise. These documents help build trust and confidence in the service provider.
  • A sketch that clearly shows the treatment approach. This sketch will come in handy in enabling you to understand the control program adopted.
  • Details on the products to be used. By knowing the products used, you can make a follow up in case they prove troublesome or do not yield the expected results.

2. Finding the ideal pest control company

When it comes to finding a pest control company, you should be very cautious to ensure you find services that give you value for your money by providing long term solutions. To find the appropriate company, be sure to put the following factors into consideration.

  • Cost of services

The cost of service is arguably the key determinant as to whether you will settle for a service or not. The ideal company is one that offers its services at reasonable rates. The rates should neither be too expensive nor too low. The rates determine the type of service you are bound to receive. However, be sure to settle for a company whose cost of services is within your budget range.

  • Quality of services

The quality of services is the key determinant as to whether you will enjoy value for your money or not. Quality is determined by the control approaches adopted and the type of products used. Moreover, the program design can also influence the quality of the service. By enlisting quality services, you are assured of eliminating the pests and finding ways to ensure the problem does not repeat itself.

  • Experience

Working with an experienced company plays a huge role in improving your confidence. The experience of a company cannot merely be determined by the number of years they have been offering their service. Instead, the experience is all about the number of jobs they have completed and the impact they have had on their clients. To determine the experience of a company, you should look at their competency levels, an array of control programs and demand for their services. More to that, the size of their client portfolio will enable you to determine their level of experience.

  • Reputation

What do other parties have to say about the company you have settled for? Before you make up your mind to work with a company, it is only fair that you know what other parties have to say about their services. The reputation of a company is influenced by clients who have sought their services and professional bodies in the same field. The opinion of the third parties will play an integral role in gauging the ability of the company you have settled for to deliver as per your expectations.

  • Reliability

How reliable is your company of choice? Many are times when you might require pest control services as a matter of urgency. As a result, you need to settle for a company that can deliver the services as soon as you have requested it. To find a reliable company, be sure to settle for one that is within your locality. Alternatively, you can settle for a company with enough resources to avail the service you desire within no time. More to that, the reliability of a company can be influenced by the number of programs they offer to solve even the most persistent pest infestations.

  • Personnel

What kind of staff has the company employed? The type of personnel sent to your property will determine the kind of experience you enjoy from the company. The ideal personnel is one that will ensure you enjoy a seamless relationship throughout their stay at your property. The staff ought to possess professional characteristics and should have a deep understanding of their duties. Reputable companies understand the importance of having reliable and knowledgeable employees.

Pests can undoubtedly cause you sleepless nights and cause unimaginable destruction. However, this does not mean they cannot be dealt with. The type of pest Control Company you settle for will determine how well you eliminate the pests. To find the best services that guarantee total annihilation of the pests on your property, be sure to reach out to us. Our team of staff will help craft a program that perfectly suits your needs to yield the desired results.

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