Chillier weather is here and that probably means you are planning to spend more time indoors and out of the cold, but would it surprise you to hear there are others that have the same plans? There are a wide variety of critters that seek out human habitation when colder weather sets in, and even in sunny Arizona, colder nights can make unwelcome guests check-in for the evening. Today, let’s take a look at 7 steps that you can take to pest-proof your home this fall and winter.

  1. Inspect and Repair Screen Doors

Screen doors need to be in good repair to do their job of keeping out the riff-raff. They can be damaged by chewing when persistent pests such as pack rats or even your own pets want to let you know that they want in.

  1. Avoid Leaving Pet Food Out

While it can be tempting to leave your dog or cat dish out all day, try to only put it out at feeding times and collect it afterward. Many pests and other unwelcome wild animals can be drawn in by the prospect of free food.

  1. Seal Any Cracks or Crevices

Summer can be punishing, and its effects only realized in the colder months. If you notice any significant cracking in siding or around windows, chimneys, and doorways, apply a good sealant to the affected areas.

  1. Thoroughly Check Your Foundation

Your foundation may be the main point of entry for insects and arachnids that are seeking the hospitable and cozy environments of your basement or interior walls. Check it thoroughly to see if there is any loose mortar or gaps between the foundation and exterior walls that could be exploited.

  1. Keep It Dry

Many pests can thrive in moist environments, and anything from plumbing leaks to exterior sprinklers too close to the home can provide just what they are looking for. Regular inspection and maintenance of plumbing and sprinkler systems is the best method of prevention.

  1. Mind Your Weather Stripping

In the areas under your doors and window closures, a humble piece of weather stripping has been doing an admirable job of keeping your home free of ant and spiders. However, continuous opening and closing will eventually wear it down. If it shows any signs of cracking or raising from its base, it may be time to replace it.

  1. Keep an Eye Out For Hitchhikers

When bringing items in from outside the home, whether they are packages and deliveries or festive holiday decorations, be careful that is all you are bringing in. Many infestations start in small boxes and can spread to your entire home.

Were these tips helpful in making your home safe from fall’s most persistent pests, or have they still found their way in? If the worst happens, or if you just the reassurance of an inspection, we are here to help. Call University Termite and Pest Control for an appointment to rid your home of the creepy-crawlies.

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