Many people believe that hiring a Tucson exterminator is prohibitively expensive. They try to save money by performing DIY pest control instead. While this can sometimes head off the immediate problem, it rarely solves the underlying issue, forcing homeowners to try again and again. Hiring an exterminator can actually save you money in the long run. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Getting It Right the First Time

An exterminator is an expert at identifying and treating pests. He or she knows what to look for when diagnosing a pest infestation, and which products work best against which pests. The average DIY homeowner goes to the supermarket or hardware store, picks up a bottle of spray, and goes after the bugs. If the problem persists, it means another trip to the store for a different formulation. While each bottle of spray may be relatively inexpensive, the costs add up over time. Rather than continuing to throw money at the problem, it can be less expensive to simply have it treated properly the first time.

2. Treating Hidden Problems

Did you know that the bugs you see may be just a small fraction of the pest problem you actually have? Homeowners tend to focus on treating obvious infestations, or even killing one bug at a time. But with hidden colonies that can house thousands of pests, depending on species, this is a losing battle. A professional exterminator knows where bugs hide and how to treat them at the source. This can translate to a real cost savings by eradicating the issue altogether. In addition, pests often choose to hide inside walls, amongst stored personal items, and even within electrical wiring. Eradicating the problem at its source can prevent or minimize serious damage to your home and possessions.

3. Longer Lasting Protection

Many consumer grade bug sprays have very short half-lives. The chemical components break down quickly and become inert. This means that you might successfully kill that roach you just sprayed, but when another one crawls into the pool of remaining spray it will be unaffected. Exterminators have a wide range of products at their disposal, and can choose options that continue to protect your home and family over time. Pest infestations are less likely to recur, breaking the cycle of continuous treatment.

4. Shorter Treatment Times

Treating a pest infestation generally takes much longer with a do it yourself approach than it does when hiring a professional. Since professionals use targeted chemicals to attack pests where they hide, you will see a real difference right away. This translates into less products used, and ultimately a real savings in overall costs. Of course, it also means better protection for your home and family. Pest problems tend to worsen over time, and many common pests eat such items as wood and fabrics. The sooner you get the infestation eradicated, the less likely it is that you will have to do additional repair work or replace beloved items.

5. Preventive Maintenance

It is always less expensive to treat a problem at its outset rather than waiting for it to get worse. After your initial pest problem is eradicated, your exterminator will set up a plan for inspection and preventive treatment throughout the year. Like preventive maintenance on your car, preventive pest control can stop problems in their tracks before they become serious and expensive. Homeowners attempting DIY pest control are typically unaware of a new infestation until it becomes serious, which means starting the process all over again.

Do it yourself pest control may seem to make sense at first glance. Yet struggling to find just the right spray, treating again and again because you have not eradicated the nest, and using short lived chemicals that require frequent reapplications can add up to a significant cost expenditure. Instead, why not simply hire a professional who can do the job right the first time and perform preventive maintenance treatments to keep your pest problem from coming back?

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