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Commercial Weed Control Services


Commercial weed control services that address the following specifics:

  • Sterilization: Underneath concrete paving such as foundations, parking lots and sidewalks, or any and all areas that require zero weed activity.
  • Pre-Emergent applications for empty lots and/or managed properties to prevent weed growth before it starts, keeping your commercial property looking its best.
  • Selective Post-Emergent applications for everything from fence lines, playgrounds, industrial facilities, rights of way, or just about anywhere else weeds will try to grow.

University Termite and Pest Control technicians are thoroughly trained and educated when it comes to selecting just the right product or product combinations when it comes to eradicating weeds. Other factors that need to be integrated into your treatment plan are, for example, temperature, the time of year, water consumption and rates at which the plants themselves are growing. Each of these features is important and taken into consideration as your service technician evaluates the unique needs of your property before each and every treatment begins.  This guarantees the right results the first time, every time.