Warehouses & Distribution Facilities

Pest Control for Warehouses & Distribution Facilities

WarehousesWarehousesA Warehouse or Distribution Facility presents particular challenges to maintaining a pest-free environment. Large amounts of products are constantly being introduced, repackaged, and sent back out again by design. This collection drastically increases the likelihood that pest populations can gain a foothold through an accidental introduction and be distributed from the facility in the same manner. Therefore, warehouse pest control is vital in preventing any potential pest infestation.

Benefits of Proper Pest Control for Warehouses and Distribution Facilities

  • It prevents pests from entering the facility
  • Keeps pest populations under control
  • Eliminates health and safety risks posed by pests
  • Protects stored products and materials from damage
  • It prevents compliance issues with government regulations
  • Minimizes business interruption due to pest activity

The Potential Danger of Pest and Rodent Infestations

Many factors may attract insects or unwanted pests within the warehousing and logistics industry. Pest infestations can cause extensive damage to a warehouse and its contents. Pests are known to contaminate food and other stored items, destroy packaging, containers, and raw materials, and spread diseases. A single rat can contaminate ten times more food than it eats, while a mouse can contaminate even more. Common warehouse pests and rodents are known to cause many problems to employees and cargo. Therefore, pest prevention is essential to keep your business thriving and your employees safe.

Our Key to Success

The key to successful pest management within any Warehouse or Distribution Facility is a five-fold combination of evaluation, planning, execution, and communication. What makes University Termite & Pest Control different than all other pest control companies is our extra step, precise and calculated follow-up. University has been practicing this formula for over 47 years. Our professionals expertly interpret the challenges unique to your situation and customize your treatment protocols while maintaining our focus solely on achieving a pest-free environment for you and your business.

When you call University, the blueprint for success is already in place:

  1. Evaluation: What are the specific challenges at your individual property or properties?
  2. Planning: We ensure that our team arrives prepared to resolve and prevent any pest activity at your institution.
  3. Execution: We perform your service precisely as devised, ensuring that customers and employees are not affected by the products we use.
  4. Communication: We record everything, from start to finish, from the time to the products, even weather conditions that may impact pest activity. This information is made available to you both in written form at the service and online.
  5. Follow Up: We return at regular intervals to guarantee our plan is working.

How We Stay Up-To-Date

Our logbook tracking system encourages accountability in both record keeping and communicating the details of our service. You will not need to wonder what was done or when. These books also contain SDS and Label information on products used at your facility, meaning you never have to worry about compliance issues when using University Termite and Pest Control at your workplace.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes our service so different? We educate our clients. Depending on what types of products are going in and out, each facility will present unique issues. The customer needs to be aware of the risk of potential pest populations and how to make any physical changes within the facility. We look for and identify the routes by which pests may enter your facility through our inspection and provide recommendations on preventing a potential pest problem.

Partner With Us

Warehouse pest control is a team effort that requires constant awareness and the proper skills to detect and prevent unwanted pests. Successful pest control will largely depend upon attentiveness and communication. A partnership with University Termite & Pest Control will provide you with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to protecting your warehouse facility. In addition, every employee at University is background checked and monitored for substance abuse. It is assuring that you can have confidence that integrity is our foremost priority.

You can trust the experts at University Termite & Pest Control to be your partner in preventing and solving all your pest problems. From general pests like ants, spiders, and roaches to more specific pests like termites and rodents, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

Contact Us Today!

We understand that your warehouse or distribution facility is vital for your business. That’s why we offer comprehensive pest control services designed to protect your facility from pests and keep them from coming back.

If you are interested in learning more about our comprehensive pest control services for warehouses and distribution facilities, contact University Termite & Pest Control today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a free estimate. So don’t let pests put your business at risk – call the experts at University Termite & Pest Control today!