Pest Control in Research Facilities

ResearchResearch Facilities are some of the most challenging environments in which any pest control company has the opportunity to work.  There is no set protocol or product application plan in these situations. Each facility has different parameters that have to be taken into account before a treatment plan can be put into place.  Regulations, clean rooms, the specific type of research being done; all these factors govern the available options that will achieve the desired pest-free environment.

When the world-renowned Biosphere II was looking for solutions to its pest issues, University Termite and Pest Control was the company they contacted.  The professionals at University faced two very different sets of challenges.  The first challenge was the research being performed. Would typical pest control measures align within the specific parameters the scientists at Biosphere were applying? The second challenge presented was the perpetual flow of guests touring the property and the need to protect them from insects living in the Biosphere itself.

University spent hours investigating the nature of the experimentation going on, and what environmentally friendly treatment options were available that would not interfere with the integrity of the project.  In some cases, a seemingly foolproof solution would gain traction, only to be dismissed later due to a conflict with organisms in another part of the facility.

Other challenges we faced were the remote location of the property, and long travel times if a guest were stung by any of the desert territory inhabitants.  The experts at University devised the placement of many innovative trapping protocols and sanitation procedures that kept guests focused on the facility, and not on the scorpions, wasps, or bees they encountered.

Integrated Pest Management

The key to successful pest management within any research environment is a five-fold combination of evaluation, planning, execution, and communication followed by precise and calculated follow-up.  University has been fine-tuning this formula for over 47 years. Our professionals expertly interpret the challenges unique to your situation and customize your treatment protocols, all the while maintaining our focus solely on achieving a pest-free environment for you and your business.

In every case, University follows a general set of service protocols that ensure the success of our solutions:

  • Evaluation: What are the specific challenges at your individual property or properties?
  • Planning: We ensure that our team arrives prepared to both resolve and prevent any and all pest activity at your institution.
  • Execution: We perform your service exactly as devised, also ensuring that customers and employees are not affected by the products we use.
  • Communication: We record everything; from start to finish, from the time to the products, even weather conditions that may impact pest activity.  This information is made available to you both in written form at the time of the service and online.
  • Follow Up: We return at regular intervals to guarantee our plan is working.