Religious Centers

Religious Center Pest ControlAt University Termite & Pest Control, we understand that the places where we worship are special, even holy ground. This is a space in which the very last thing we should be concerned about or even thinking about is pest issues.  Yet the reality remains that pests do not distinguish between our special houses of worship and any other commercial building.

As time goes on and a place of worship expands, oftentimes these collections of buildings and storage units include often food preparation, children’s daycare, and storage of school environments, not to mention the definitive areas in which we conduct our actual worship.  Fortunately, University Termite and Pest Control is prepared for any challenge these institutions might face.  Because we take into consideration that each and every one of these places of worship and the buildings they entail is singular entities, it is only University that is uniquely qualified to ensure your house of worship remains just that.

The key to our pest management services when it comes to places of worship is our dedication to a pest-free course of action, thereby allowing our client to focus on its’ most important and primary function:  When we ensure there is not a single potential or active pest issue going on.

The technicians at University Termite & Pest Control arrive prepared to pro-actively address the issues that are most prevalent in your particular and unique situation.  We understand that you need to be made aware of the risk of potential pest populations, and we further our pest management services by advising how to make any physical changes within your property if necessary. Our technicians are trained to look for and identify the ways, means, and routes by which pests may enter your campus, and present to you solutions of how to resolve those conditions.

Our logbook tracking system enforces accountability in both record keeping and communication when it comes to the details of your service. You will not need to wonder what was done, or when. This tracking system not only contains the SDS (safety data sheets) and label compliance and any information on products used at your property, this meticulously recorded information means you never have to worry about compliance issues when you use University Termite and Pest Control as your primary pest control provider.

The key to successful pest management within any of our accounts is a five-fold combination of evaluation, planning, execution, and communication. What makes University different than all other pest control companies is our extra step, precise and calculated follow-up.  University has been practicing this formula for over 47 years. Our professionals expertly interpret the challenges unique to your situation and customize your treatment protocols, all the while maintaining our focus solely on achieving a pest-free environment for you and your business.

When you call University, the blueprint for success is already in place:

  • Evaluation: What are the specific challenges at your individual property or properties?
  • Planning: We ensure that our team arrives prepared to both resolve and prevent any and all pest activity at your property.
  • Execution: We perform your service exactly as devised, also ensuring that customers and employees are not affected by the products we use.
  • Communication: We record everything; start to finish, from the time to the products, even weather conditions that may impact pest activity.  This information is made available to you both in written form at the time of the service and online.
  • Follow Up: We return at regular intervals to guarantee our plan is working.