Multi-Unit Housing

Apartment Buildings Pest Control

University Termite & Pest Control appreciates the challenges of limited living spaces. Take the common apartment community, for example.

Large numbers of people residing in extremely close proximity to one another, sharing common walls. Their individual issues multiplied by how many the community houses.

This type of housing was developed, from the developer to management, with profit and the bottom line in mind.  Budgets are not unlimited, but the demands of it’s residents can sometimes feel that way!

The balance between these two seemingly opposing views can sometimes be precarious.

Focusing on just the people side of this equation, differences can arise when cultures, habits or just basic precautions fail. We have all had a neighbor that if we could only change this or that, things would be better. Now add insects to the mix.

Your apartment’s thriving pest problem may oftentimes be the result of poor landscaping, lack of maintenance, or even a neighbor and their habits.  Whatever the cause may be, the result is the frustrating standpoint you are now in a situation you have no control over.

The key to successful Multi-Housing pest control is a combination of evaluation, planning, execution, and communication …with healthy doses of follow-up.  At University Termite and Pest Control, we have been working with Multi-Unit Housing developers and professionals for over 47 years to understand, adapt and overcome these challenges.  With so much experience to draw on, we are confident in our approach and solution to each individual need.

The balance is struck when your pest professional knows that daily or once-a-week visits are excessive in one case, yet other properties or circumstances may call for just that.

The first step to your pest-free success is our initial EVALUATION of the property.  Each community, including each building, has its own micro-environment that requires a thorough and expert evaluation.  Proper PLANNING of the Scope of Service results in a situation where success is possible.

Did you know that smaller properties can present problems that are never encountered in larger ones?   From very limited budgets to the lack of on-site management, smaller complexes often offer greater challenges.

Large and sprawling properties that are virtual Zip Codes unto themselves will always offer challenges specific to their circumstance:  The larger the property, the easier it can be to overlook the details.  Details are exactly where our focus is…

Your initial consultation is complete, and with the treatment plan in place, your University pest professional then arrives prepared to implement this strategy with success in mind.

Taking into account all that the community has as ASSETS (well-sealed buildings, well-designed landscape, respectful tenant behavior) and adjusting for any LIABILITIES (aging properties, worn or damaged door and window seals, plants or shrubs impeding on structures, and everyone’s favorite- the disengaged tenant), your technician EXECUTES a strategy that encompasses and accounts for both the negative and the positive aspects, all the while solving the pest pressures your particular community faces.

After all of these steps and protocols are initiated, it is understandable to wonder what comes next.  This is where you can invest your confidence and assurance, and we get to brag, but just a little. Your technician, along with University Termite and Pest Control, keeps definitive and accurate records of every step of every action taken. From the time your technician arrives at percentages of treatments and areas treated, you have the ability to examine and understand exactly what was done when it was done, and what measures, if any, need to be initiated by tenants to contribute to the success of eliminating the pest issues at hand. This COMMUNICATION closes the loop all too often left open by in and out competitors.

For University Termite and Pest Control, we believe pest control success is achieved in adherence to and implementation of our professional treatment guidelines, down to the last finite detail, and in our follow-through.  We take pride in being there when we promise to be, equipped and prepared to take care of each pest issue, from the identified all the way to spontaneous or unforeseen challenges.  Quite simply, we provide the entire solution, beginning to end. Advising, educating, initiating, and encompassing every aspect of pest control, your University professional will work with you to ensure success. When it comes time to make the choice for pest control for your Multi-Unit Property, there is only one intelligent choice…

I am ready to talk to a University Specialist about my Multi-Unit Property.