Food Service and Processing

Food Service & Processing

Food Processing most often presents the most challenging of atmospheres when it comes to pest management and control being performed.  Each facility, depending on what is being produced and at what volume, to the size and scope of the operation, make every situation completely unique.  At University & Termite Pest Control, we rely on over 47 years of experience and expertise. With this backing, we can enter into any facility and scenario to determine, evaluate and execute exactly what is needed to prevent pest activity. This will keep any facility in compliance with Health Departments, AIB standards, even your own practices and strict guidelines. University employs a comprehensive approach to creating pest-free environments in Food Processing facilities. Just one of the many values we adhere to relies upon exceeding the expectations of our customers. We believe in informing our clients when physical changes to the facility, even minor alterations, will improve success, and detailed communication with staff is integral to ensure that everyone is working together. This is a critical detail to ensure there are no cross purposes in effect, negating any positive results.

Successful pest management is only as effective as the elimination and prevention strategies put into place, in addition to their effective execution. As with any commercial facility, this begins with a detailed evaluation of the facility itself. Every detail matters when it comes to University’s effective pest control. Materials, lay-outs, equipment, temperatures, storage and production capability will all have an impact when it comes to controlling pests. The smallest details, from door sweeps to cracks in window insulation can mean the difference between an infestation and a completely pest free zone. Your pest professional will partner with you every step of the way, from evaluation to execution to ensure the most positive outcome when it comes to your pest control needs. Here at University, we take pride in communication with our clients. Having an engaged and informed client is just as important to us as the top-of-the-line, environmentally friendly products we utilize.

Once your in-depth evaluation is complete, we put our second step, your treatment plan, into effect. Each and every University Termite & Pest Control technician has been thoroughly screened, background checked, and professionally trained. Your technician is the conduit to a pest-free environment, and when it comes to food processing, a ‘less is more approach can often be disastrous. Our technicians arrive educated, equipped, and capable. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, and using the most technologically advanced products, your technician implements treatments and techniques unrivaled in the pest control industry, all the while well aware of the foodstuff being produced or stored. There is a tenuous balance that occurs when it comes to pests and food processing, every step of each overseen by the U.S. Government. For over 47 years University has not only walked such a line, we have often been the pioneers and innovators of successful pest management when it comes to that line.

After these steps and protocols are initiated and executed, it is understandable to wonder what else is there?  This is where your arrangement and confidence in University as your pest provider really pays off. Your technician, along with the University Termite and Pest Control team, keeps concise and accurate records of every step of every action taken. From the time your technician arrives, to a products’ percentage, usage and areas treated, to environmental and weather conditions and factors that may impact pest activity, complete and concise records are meticulously maintained. Not only that, but you as a facility operator are given the opportunity to examine and understand exactly what was done with each and every visit. University takes a comprehensive and proactive approach when it comes to pest management. This includes your overall treatment plan and its’ implementation, including what and when treatments were done. It also includes any measures or recommendations need to be initiated by your staff, contributing to the success of eliminating and preventing any and all pest issues in, on, or around your facility. The choice is clear. When it comes to the best, there is only one.