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Airports and Airlines

Airports and Airlines

Airports of today are more similar to fully functioning cities rather than just a hub to catch a ride.  Inside almost all airports you will find everything from food service to high-end shopping, parcel handling and shipping conglomerates to fully functioning mini-hospitals. Every one of these thriving industries occurs under an umbrella of intensely scrutinized, monitored and secure zones.  These highly regulated spaces face the increasingly difficult challenge of moving more and more passengers and products efficiently both in and out as expeditiously as possible. Not just from one end of the facility to the other, but to each and every city, state and country that particular airport services. With so much commerce and constant activity, the margin for error is zero.

Management, operations and functions in any airport produce a tremendous amount of stress and pressure in the individuals charged with their maintenance. From the executives to the baggage handlers, sales clerks to ticketing kiosks, every ounce of energy and effort expended has a direct impact on the travel and lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day.  One small technical glitch or misstep at your facility will have a ripple effect, impacting travelers and technology, flights and schedules in cities far and wide.

University Termite & Pest Control is not just your family’s best choice when it comes to pest control. In our 47 years of operation, we have risen in the ranks to being equipped and capable of handling the largest of commercial jobs. This includes everything from restaurants to manufacturers, shopping centers to airports. University eliminates any concerns when it comes to the consideration of who to call when you are in need of a pest control company. From our residential to our commercial services, you are guaranteed that our decades of experience will be put directly to work for you. When you call University and Termite Pest Control, you can be confident our state-of-the-art materials, techniques and treatments, all of which will guarantee success at your facility, no matter how small or large.

The key to successful pest management in any Airport is a multi-pronged approach, combining evaluation, communication, planning and execution. Along with these precise, customized and calculated steps, follow-through and follow-up are crucial.  University has been working with Airports of every size for over 47 years.  All this experience allows us to customize each and every treatment procedure so we may focus solely on adapting and overcoming any and all of your pest scenarios.  With such a solid foundation of experience, our technicians approach each client and situation with the confidence backed by University’s time-tested and successful solutions.

The first step to your pest-free success is our initial evaluation of the property.  Every Airport has its own set of specific issues, including state and federal regulations that must be taken into account prior to the implementation of any pest control. All factors, from the age of your facility, the types of cargo you are moving, the  size and number of planes, gates and employees, to potential or existing pest populations. These will all have a direct effect and impact on your customized treatment plan. Once your in-depth evaluation is complete, we put our second step, your treatment plan, into motion, often within 24 to 48 hours of your initial inquiry. You can be guaranteed that your University pest professional will arrive prepared and ready for your success.

We step onto your property determined to address and resolve the issues facing you. University Termite and Pest Control does not take a ‘band-aid’ approach with your pest control needs. We consider inclusive and adjacent community assets (well sealed buildings, well designed landscape, respectful tenant behavior) adjust for liabilities (aging properties, worn or damaged door and window seals, plants or shrubs impeding on structures, and the dreaded disengaged tenant). With this, and all other contributing factors in mind, your technician executes a specific strategy that encompasses and utilizes both negative and the positive aspects of all issues your facility is facing, all the while solving the pest pressures any particular community faces.

After all these steps and protocols are initiated and executed, it is understandable to wonder what else is left.  This is where your investment and your confidence in your choice of University as your service provider really will pay off. Your technician, along with the University Termite and Pest Control team, keeps concise and accurate records of every step, every product and every action taken. From the exact time your technician arrives, to a products’ percentage, usage and areas treated, you have the capability to examine and understand exactly what was done, when it was done and why. This allows you to partner with your technician when it comes to determining what measures, if any, need to be initiated by your staff, contributing to the success of eliminating any and all pest issues at hand.