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Bee Removal Tucson

It’s your yard, not theirs…we put you back in control.

At University Termite & Pest Control, Inc. we understand that bees, anywhere on your property are a major nuisance. Not only are they dangerous, but they force you to completely change the way you use your property. Let University help you take back control. Our trained technicians know how to eliminate these problematic pests and give you back the use of your home and yard. Whether they are in a tree, a valve box or the eave of your house, we have the correct strategy to eliminate them now, giving you back your home.

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Prevention or Removal of Bee Hives

removing a beehive from a wallUniversity Termite & Pest Control Bee Removal Tucson Technicians can help identify potential hive sites and determine the best way to remove or control them. Our experts use a variety of proven methods for bee removal.

It is best to prevent bees and remove them as soon as a hive is discovered. Do not attempt to eliminate the bees on your own! Bees can prove a serious threat if not handled properly.

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A Brief History of Honey Bees

bee removal arizonaHoneybees are originally from Africa. They were brought to Europe where they were domesticated and bred to be gentle. When Europeans colonized North America, they brought honeybees with them. They displaced many of the American bee species and became the dominant crop-pollinating bee in this country.

Today, all honeybees are Africanized because they have some African bee genes. Slightly smaller than the domesticated version, these bees form smaller colonies, produce less honey and leave the hive in mass more often. They also tend to be more aggressive, more easily agitated, and quicker to attack and appear in larger numbers. Once provoked, they are more persistent and may pursue a perceived attacker for half a mile or more. Click here to learn more about Bees in Arizona.

What to Look For

The best form of bee control is prevention, eliminating potential hive sites or sealing up openings that might allow access to these sites. Honeybees seek out small openings that serve as entrances suitable for constructing honeycombs.

Here are some places to look out for:

  • Overturned flower pots
  • Wall voids
  • Attic spaces
  • Crawl spaces
  • Abandoned appliances and equipment
  • Unused vehicles
  • Abandoned sheds
  • Large children’s toys

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