Weed Control Nogales

It’s your yard, not theirs…we put you back in control.

Signature Service weed control with University Termite & Pest Control takes the hassle and time commitment out of keeping your yard weed free. We combine pre-emergent services that keep weeds from ever gaining foothold in your yard, with timely services to catch those stragglers that somehow pop up from time to time. You never need worry about weeds again. Our trained technicians know how to tell the difference between a plant and a weed. This means we target the weeds and never the wildflowers.

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Weed Control in Nogales and Rio Rico

Why is weed control so difficult in Rio Rico and Nogales?  The rocky terrain, hard to kill native weeds and plants are just part of our challenge is providing you with a weed free property.  Small problems ignored for short periods of time can literally blossom out of control.  We have carefully calculated application dates and combinations of products to use that the average person just cannot find at the do it yourself store.

University Termite & Pest Control, Inc. provides control solutions for both the weeds that have not come up yet, those that are already growing in your yard. We also have combinations of these two products that ensure a weed free experience year round.

We begin with the process of getting rid of the weeds you already have.  Desert Broom, bermuda grasses and sometimes even Buffel Grass need to be eliminated.  We follow this an effective weed control solution to stop new weeds from ever entering the picture.  Pre-emergent solutions are timely ways to keep seeds from germinating below the soil, emerging into the unsightly weeds they can become.

Weeds that manage to defeat our pre-emergent barrier are quickly dispatched with our regular visits.  These visits are a visual inspection and treatment of your entire yard for any unwanted plants trying to make your yard theirs.  Our technicians are trained to understand the difference between what is a “weed” and what is a plant growing on purpose in your yard…no room for error.

When you are ready to be weed free, call University!