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Termite control is the combination of liquid treatments, Trelona Bait, and a warranty designed just for your home. It includes an annual termite inspection of the interior and exterior of your home.

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Termite Control in Nogales and Rio Rico

Termites thrive in Southeastern Arizona, especially along our southern border with Mexico. Both Subterranean and Drywood species are commonly found in and around Rio Rico and Nogales and finding both kinds of termites in one structure is not uncommon. This means the company you deal with needs to have the experience to tell the difference between the two.   Subterranean Termites require a treatment to the soil and to vulnerable or infested areas inside the house.  These treatments, while very effective for the soil-based termites, are not a proper solution to Drywood Termites. A misdiagnosed termite species could result in a false sense of security, wasted money, and the necessity of a different treatment for the Drywood Termite. sierra-vista-termite

We provide a solution for all of your termite needs. Pre-construction, Real Estate Inspections, or just a complimentary inspection. We have solved termite problems for our customers for over 47 years… When Termite Control is part of your name, you had better be good at it…we are.

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