Pest Control Green Valley & Sahuarita

Green Vallet Pest Control

Since 1978 our neighbors in Green Valley and Sahuarita have been members of the University Termite & Pest Control family.  The “Green Valley Smile” is embeded in our DNA.  Arizonans since prior to the Civil War, we know Arizona like no other company, and the services we deliver back that up.  We take pride in creating solutions that are specific to the needs of people in Green Valley and Sahuarita.

green valley pest control

To make sure only the best most qualified and responsible people are on our team, we perform background testing.  We also test each and every one for substance abuse to guarantee we keep our promises. Your home is the one place in this world you should always feel safe, we to the extra step to make that possible.

Call University Termite & Pest Control today and we will rush one of our team members right over to your house or business and get to work on a solution designed just for you.

Green Valley Pest Control

Pest control with University Termite & Pest Control is a carefully thought-out and highly effective pest control solution for your home or business. It represents a culmination of over 47 years of experience in delivering results-driven solutions to homes in and around Green Valley and Sahuarita. During that 47 years we have created solutions to eliminate issues you may be having now, but more importantly, out of respect for your busy schedule, we prevent future issues altogether. Seasonal Protocols effectively predict activity ahead of time and keep your home pest-free, year-round.

Termite Control in Green Valley and Sahuarita

It has been said that there are two types of homes in Green Valley and Sahuarita, those with termites and those who are waiting to get termites. These insects thrive in Southeastern Arizona, especially in your neighborhoods. Both Subterranean and Drywood termites are commonly encountered. This means the company you deal with needs to have the experience to tell the difference between the two.


Subterranean Termites live beneath the surface of your yard.  A treatment to the areas where your home meets the ground will resolve most subterranean termites issues. Drywood termites live in the wood and do not go back and forth like their cousins.  Careful inspection reveals the difference between the species and different treatments can be performed. Drywood termites do not always have to be whole home fumigated.  In some cases, localized treatments can be made to eliminate their activity, but it takes a company with 47 years of knowledge to make a correct diagnosis.

We provide a complete set of termite monitoring services, real estate inspections, and pre-construction treatments for everything from individual homes to commercial shopping malls.  If you are going to put “Termite Control” as part of your name, you had better be good at it…we are.

Because you have to be Termite free…call University

Weed Control in Green Valley and Sahuarita

Sahuarita and Green valley present unique challenges.  With its combination of Bermuda grasses, the hybrid seed being introduced via golf courses, and desert bloom floating about in the wind… control is never easy and keeps the best of weed technicians on their toes.  Just a small break in the pattern in service can leave you with a lot full of weeds and problems running out of control.

Weed Control in Green Valley

Weed control products and their application is another issue to contend with.  Often it will take a combination of control products to eliminate weeds from the yard.  Some products only kill grasses but have no effect on our persistent winter weeds, others will kill the weed too fast, allowing it to regrow from unaffected areas of the plant. These are expensive products, and making the wrong choice can result in little control and lots of weed picking for the homeowner.

The proper beginning to our weed control solutions is to prevent weeds from germinating beneath the soil.  We accomplish this with pre-emergent solutions that accomplish just that. Some weeds will still find a way to grow, for this reason, we build in bi-monthly service visits.  We inspect your yard and treat any growing weeds.  This keeps your yard in a weed-free condition year round!
When you are ready to be weed-free, call University!