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Recently Asked Question

Q: We are renting and [our property owner] does not do much for repairs or keeping up the house. They never hire a pest control person to come and spray or anything else, so I think we are infested with bed bugs. What do they look like, and how can I get rid of them? We are constantly itching. I think they are all over the home.

M.G., Tucson

A: Thank you for contacting University Termite and Pest Control. I’ve included a good picture of an adult bed bug for reference. BedBugs

Some indicators of a bed bug infestation may include:

  • Itchy or painful welts on your body, often in a line
  • Small blood smears on bedding from crushed insects
  • Tiny dark spots on your sheets, mattress or box spring from fecal matter
  • Dried remains of molted bed bug skins

Be aware that other insects, such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can leave bites that look like bed bug bites. Bites alone do not prove you have a bed bug infestation.

While fecal stains and molted skins can suggest the presence of bedbugs, they do not confirm the presence of an *active* infestation. The only way to be of certain of a bed bug infestation is to positively identify a live specimen.