(520) 886-4146 or (866) 243-0469
(520) 886-4146 or (866) 243-0469
(520) 886-4146
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About Us

dam University Termite and Pest Control opened its doors in Tucson, In December of 1974. Co-Founder, Rick Rupkey, Sr. continues to lead the company forward today and into tomorrow. As a child, Rick envisioned  founding and building a business, a future of his own. He desired to perpetuate a Rupkey family tradition that reaches back into the mid to late 1800s.

It was during those years that his great-grandmother, Louisa Rupkey, and her two brothers arrived in the southeastern area of the Arizona Territory. Within a few years after settling in what is now Graham County, they built a small business empire that grew to include several mercantile stores, a couple of restaurants, a world famous hotel at Indian Hot Springs, and the first Trading Post on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. They also operated the Wells Fargo Freight service from El Paso, Texas to Tucson, Arizona, Many of the buildings that housed the mercantile stores still stand today. It became a family tradition to create and build businesses based on core values that met and exceeded the expectations of their customers.

In 1974, more than a  hundred years later, Rick recognized his opportunity to follow in their footsteps, to create and build a business that followed those same principals passed down to him through four generations of Arizona Rupkeys. University Termite and Pest Control was built on a foundation of core values that survive to this day. Integrity, honor, respect and hard work are the bedrock foundation upon which University Termite and Pest Control, Inc. was created and built. Those values have served University well as the company has expanded to serve all of Arizona.tradingpost

In 2014, University Termite and Pest Control celebrated 40 years of service to the state of Arizona. We are committed in all that we say and do to provide environmentally responsible, affordable and professional pest management services to families and business throughout our great state.

Whether you live in Phoenix or Tucson, Yuma or Safford, Nogales or Flagstaff, we are there. We serve all of the Navajo, Hopi, Mohave, Apache and Tohono O’Odoham Nations.  We have expanded to serve New Mexico, West Texas, Southern Utah and the states of Sonora and Sinaloa Mexico. We are licensed, credentialed and experienced in all facets of professional pest management, including, but not not limited to,  residential and commercial pest, termite and weed solutions. We specialize in protecting schools, hospitals, food preparation and service facilities and many other sensitive and demanding environments. Yesterday, today and tomorrow we have earned a reputation for excellence in all that we do. Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business and respect. Let us do what we do best for you!

In Tucson, please call us at 886-4146 for quick, helpful service.
We invite those of you outside the metropolitan Tucson area to call 1-866-243-0469, toll free.


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